Growing Veterans – One Farm at a Time

Returning Veterans charity program summary

Our primary focus is healthy, organic food sources produced primarily with hybrid-hydroponic systems.  Veterans learn the skills required to start home-based farms or businesses.  They benefit from personal use, food cost savings or self-employment by producing locally grown vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and wheatgrass. Also, they improve their earning options becoming employable for greenhouse operations, cooperatives, farm management, produce delivery or sales.  All benefit from the unique aspect of a year-round greenhouse environment.

Training is 6-8 weeks with online training before and after onsite VAC training. VAC will develop certified coursework with University of Connecticut (UCONN) Agricultural Department and Veterans Affairs so each student, upon successful training completion, will receive a certificate with validated college credit.  Student-Veteran training costs will be covered by donations or vocational rehab and veteran health benefits.  Vets will be capable of building VAC greenhouse/hydroponic structures across the country.  

Support our Student-Veterans & Graduate-Veterans to attend on-site therapy for post-combat at a full-service handicap accessible lodging facility.

Therapy and training for wounded and returning combat veterans.  Hands-on

instruction in farming skills vets can use from home with minimal physical and time demands. 

  1. Therapy & Training Center
  2. Regional Affiliate Network
  3. Woodstock Veteran Resort

Our Mission


The VAC provides therapy and training to returning combat and interested veterans.  It will begin primarily with hands-on instruction in farming skills vets can use from home with minimal physical and time demands.  It will also provide on-site therapy for post-combat coping skills by medically trained and peer mentor veteran instructors.  VAC intends to provide full-service handicap accessible lodging for Veteran-Students at no cost and follow-on support to Veteran-Graduates to increase employment and self-sustainment options for any wounded warrior.


  Veterans Agricultural Center of Connecticut